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Reginald Lamar Taylor
Level III Sex Offender  -  Sexual Assault Of A Child
DOB: 3/15/1968
   Alias(es): Reggie, $t. Louis, Malik Lamar, Supafly
     Current Location: Unknown
     Last Known Location: Pulaski County, Arkansas
     Status: On The Run/In Hiding | Evading Registration
     Headed For: St. Louis | Michigan 

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
All Children:................-
Alixxandria Barnett - FL (20s)
LaToya Taylor - GA (30s).....-
Seth Taylor - AR (17-18).....-
Kara Taylor - AR (19)........-
Rhonda Clark
William Taylor-Clark 
Terrence Clark 
Markell Taylor

Cousins: (aliases)
Junebug, Yo-yo
Rhonda (Rena) Carol Clark
1128 Barrie Ave 
Flint, MI 

Terrence Teon Clark
6707 Orange Ln 
Flint, MI 
  Executive Director Of The Flint Housing Commission

 3820 Richfield Road
 Flint, MI
 Phone: 810-736-3050
 Fax: 810-736-0158

Previous Locations
   Burton, MI
   Flint, MI
Last Former Lover And Children:
Stacey/Stacye Lynn Cauldwell - AR
Seth Taylor - AR
Kara Taylor - AR

Stacye/Stacey Lynn Cauldwell
Age: 42
Current Address:             |        Previous Address:
8221 1st Street                |       116 Darryl Ct 
North Little Rock, AR      |        Jacksonville, AR
72117                                |        72076-6319

Previous Location:
Aurora, CO
Relatives Of Stacye:
Krystal Leann Cauldwell (Sister)
Age: 40s
205 Orion St 
Beebe AR 

Sheila Ann Yekel (Mother)
Age: 59 
6718 Highway 161 
North Little Rock, AR

Ashlea Elisabeth Risor (Niece)
Age: 24
7786 Congo Road 
Benton, AR 

Sandy Lynn Cauldwell (Sister)                  |  Lauren Yekel (Sister)
Chris Cauldwell (Brother)                          |  Conrad Yekel (Brother)
Ritha Joyce Skaggs (Mother-In-Law)      |  Marcella Emma Gist (Grandmother)
Joseph Conrad Yekel (Father)                  |  Anthony B. (Tony) Skaggs (Husband)
Britton Marie Risor                                     |  Tait Mcdaniel Risor
Kay Lee Skaggs                                          |  Jerren Brent Skaggs
Karley Cauldwell                                         |  Leslie Lillinoi Sexton
Kara Brianne/Brianna Taylor
Kara's Rape Roleplay Meth Slut Sex Line #: 501-864-9299
Seth Taylor
Sylvan Hills High School
Height | Weight: 5'5" | 135lbs 
Grade: Junior/11th
C/O: 2019
Plays Football
Jersey: #21
Age: 17-18
Junior Varsity Football
Position(s): SB, CB
Overall Conf: 6-54-3
Nat. Rank 1,186
AR Rank: 36

Laura Hernandez - Girlfriend
Amalian Hernandez Rodriguez (Mother/Aunt?)
Alixxandria Barnett
1995 SW Silver Pine Way
APT 119-F2
Palm City, FL
Idiots Who Took In Reginald Taylor:
  Christopher John Bopp: 36 | Cynthia Michelle Bopp: 36

Current Number | Other Phone #'s
  501-259-3914      | (501) 241-7145; (501) 533-3048

Current Address                |        Previous Locations     |    Cynthia Michelle Bopp's Other Location
 866 Sherman Hills Rd     |           Delhi, CA                         |    206 Louisville Drive 
 Jacksonville AR                 |           Cabot                               |    Ward, Lonoke County, Arkansas.
 72076-9089                          |           Ward                                 |     72176

Their Relatives:
  Brian Allen Bopp | John H Bopp | Kelly Kaye Bopp | Melinda M Bopp
      Richard Lloyd Bopp | Robert Allen Bopp | Honora Ellen Walton 
~ Reginald's sister is psuedo-famous, B-List singer Rhonda Clark. She left her music career in the 90s for a Psychlogy degree to "understand her brother." No one knows she left her music career in the 90s for that. Tabloids will love this big time story, explaining about why Billboard Charts singer Rhonda Clark disappeared in the 90s.

~ Brother, T.T. Clark is over HUD in Michigan.  Terrence is being sued by many citizens in Flint for Misconduct &  Fraud.

~ Taylor always uses same password: sethkara33

~ When Alixxandria was younger, her pussy got blown out as well by others.

~ Seth & Kara Live With Stacye. Stacye is a coalburner meth slut + abusive mother who let three grown men blow her daughter Kara's pussy out in a rape gangbang and flood her with jizz, more than once and later washed her daughter's panties out to hide the rape. She got pregnant and miscarried the child, presumably from getting her pussy destroyed by being raped. Stacye also gets high with her daughter. Kara dropped out of Sylvan Hills High School due to bullying, alledgedly. Stacye regularly tells her own kids they aren't shit and that she didn't & doesn't want them.

~ Social Engineering Notation: 
Fucker is a Crip, sect unknown, not very intelligent, extremely disrespectful,
narcissistic, bosses people around, got diddled as a kid & had his jewels juggled by a female babysitter and his uncles, tried to rape two little white girls, is a nuisance, gets intimidated when things do not go his way. Can not cope with reality or deal with the real world. Has no bond with his own kids. Relatives are ashamed of him and want fuck-all-nothing to do with him so they will lie for him and pawn him off onto others. After his daughter, Kara, visited him, she later told him she had been raped and later left due to his indifference, attitude, and insinuation that she was currently high on drugs. They later fought over her phone (which he took from her) and a marijuana cigarette. He "borrowed" another phone that night and looked up rape pornography along the lines of "Daughter Raped By Stepfather, 18 & Abused, Girl Gangraped, Young Girl Raped By Several Guys" on sites such as YouPorn, xHamster, Pornhub, and Heavy-R." Immediately after her boyfriend and his friends picked her up, he remarked "Those boys could do anything to her but she's on ice so she just might like it." and he had a smirk on his face. He jacked off on various objects in this anon's house. In the days after, he then proceeded to call her more than once, leaving her harassing messages about a previous boyfriend who died and texting her from a phone that was not his that he hopes she "cries her motherfucking ass off" and that "she can not bring {redacted} back." He currently has issues with Donna Matchett, a bail bondswoman, and Benjamin Perkins, a Department Of Corrections associated manager of a halfway house for rehabilitation. Both of which had been doxxed previously because of Reginald Taylor. All of this information is exploitable for SEs, Anons, and haxxors to fucking worsen this parasite nigger's life. He seemed like he was sexually fantasizing over his own daughter, Kara, jacking off more than once in the bathroom of someone else.
Reason For Targeting Reginald Taylor: 
  - Severe Disrespect | $250 In Damages (Waste Of Construction Materials) | Theft Of Personal Property ($140+)
  - Being A Deadbeat Father And Couch Surfing With Stupid Leg Spreader Single Mother Sluts Dumb Enough To Hide Him
  -  Indoor/Outdoor Schedule I & II Drug Usage While Visiting Private Property Endangering Inhabitants Of Said Property With Potential DEA/SWAT Narcotics Investigation.
  - Failure To Register As A Sex Offender And Hiding Out At Anon's Address.
Reason For Targeting All Others:
   - Reginald Taylor  
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